PREVENT refresher. Controversial, yes! Challenging, yes! Important for students to understand, yes! Get ahead today.

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By David Paice

David is an education specialist, who has embraced digital transformation as a way of amplifying great teaching and learning practice and securing brighter futures for children and young people. He is a proud teacher by profession, and has been a Director of Education in Local Authorities as well as being a CEO of a multinational software company. David loves working on new, innovative and often disruptive projects that challenge the status quo and create a perpetual learner connection that unleashes awesome experiences for children and young people. He helps organisations see what learners and teachers need and deliver it, all at lower cost, with faster development times, and with greater impact on learner outcomes than anything that came before. You're in good hands!

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What will I learn?

PREVENT is part of the Government’s counter-terrorism strategy, CONTEST. The purpose of Prevent is to stop people from becoming terrorists or supporting terrorism. This includes countering terrorist ideology and challenging those who promote it, supporting individuals who are especially vulnerable to becoming radicalised, and working with sectors and institutions where the risk of radicalisation is assessed to be high. The deradicalisation programme is known as Channel. As of February 2015, all schools have a statutory duty to have due regard to the prevention of terrorism. This ‘duty’ does not extend to teachers but enables schools to embed safeguarding against radicalisation within their standard safeguarding policies.

What are you going to learn about?

You’ll learn about what PREVENT is and how it might apply to your school. This is a CURATED Learning Trunk built for you from content sourced online.

Who is hosting this Learning Trunk?

David Paice is an educationalist and Co-Founder of Spongy Elephant. He qualified as a head teacher and has held roles as Director of Education and Skills at Local Authority wide level and is passionate about supporting schools and teachers.

How long do I need?

Less than 40 minutes.

Anything else I need to know?

Work through the Learning Trunk in order to ensure you can see how the whole solution fits together.

This Learning Trunk covers...

  • Understanding Prevent
  • FREE!
    Introductory Resources
  • Risk Assessment
  • Channel Intervention and Prevent
  • Staff Training - Prevent Kids Being Radicalised
  • Staff Training - Rapid Radicalisation
  • Staff Training - Parents Worried About Radicalisation
  • IT Policies
  • Manchester Bombing

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