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Pitch your products and services directly to our users, who are actively on the lookout for learning experiences

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For many, the award-winning Spongy Elephant is the #1 choice for online e-learning and training in the UK

We give you the reach and instant on-boarding tools to deliver awesome training globally, in seconds

We animate, green screen, screencast and supercharge your training and on-boarding offer at competitive prices

Get Learners Raving

When learners feel good, they leave reviews. Great reviews = contract renewals and a thriving business

Get trusted independent ratings and reviews that drive sales. Quickly create engaging product and brand stories

Discover who your brand advocates are. Find out which features resonate the best. This is really good data!

A revolutionary approach to CPD…
BETT Futures Takeover 2018

Over 10K searches for words like EdTech, innovative and tech feature on Spongy Elephant each month. These can signpost new and existing customers right to your products and services.

Their model of bite-sized resources really cut to the core of helping staff within organisations take in and retain information, so it can be understood and used each day...
Tony Sheppard | Operations Manager | GDPRiS

Reduce your customer acquisition costs with better targeting and by sharing benefits, not just features. Customers come back to Spongy Elephant because together, we can continue to care for them as you’ve never been able to before.

Spongy Elephant is the best thing to happen to professional development in years...
Guy Bates | Education Solutions Sales Director | XMA

Training isn’t just about a collection of dated and poorly produced videos on YouTube or endless PDFs dangling somewhere off the support and downloads page on your website. Your products and services deserve much more than that. So, what are you waiting for?

A really exciting new approach to professional development that is easy to use, engaging and cost-effective. It has the potential to transform CPD!
Jason Oster | Head of Sales and Marketing | Essex Education Services (EES)

In-house trainers who can genuinely resonate with educators are hard to find. Traditional training is expensive and has always been limited by geography and time constraints. We give you the equivalent of hundreds of trainers able to be in any location, instantly. All this for a fraction of the cost of a single trainer. Start saving money and effort today!

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