SMART Notebook. Take a refresher course and find out about great new tools like ClassLab and working with 3D models.

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Very helpful, broke things down well and explained things thoroughly...
Hayley, Teacher
Steady clear instructions with personable touches which were just right for the staff...
Clare, Headteacher

By Julia Richardson

Julia is a multi-media guru at Spongy Elephant and dab-hand at producing engaging content on all things tech. She has been in education since 2004 managing multi-media teams and supporting teachers and support staff.

20 mins

What will I learn?

How to tailor the user interface to suit your teaching needs

How to build class activities in minutes, not hours

How to connect with students on their devices

How to best work with images and videos to limit distractions

How to reduce teacher workload with SMART's intuitive new tools

How to work with 3D Models for even more engagement!

SMART are one of the heavy weights in the world of interaction and SMART Notebook is a staple for many teachers all over the world. Beyond the basics, there is considerably more to SMART that can empower teachers to create learning experiences that are collaborative, engaging and most of all, FUN!

This Learning Trunk covers...

  • FREE!
    Get the Right Look and Feel
  • Let's Just Get Past the Pens!
  • Quick Access to Images and Videos
  • Some Snazzy Stuff
  • Welcome to Widgets

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