Minecraft Education Edition. Minecraft has the potential to bring learning to life like nothing else before it. Find out how!

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As a Minecraft Trainer and someone who loves this awesome game, I'm delighted to see that the Education Edition can really transform learning in the classroom. Get on it teachers!!!
Sonny, New Ways to Learn

By Learning & Development @ Spongy Elephant

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30 mins
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What will I learn?

You'll setup all the key applications to get going

You'll master how the environment works

You'll discover how the Education Edition differs from the normal game

You'll explore how to support coding, numeracy and literacy

This Learning Trunk covers...

  • FREE!
    What is the Education Edition? So, what's it all about?
  • Setting up Classroom Mode Get Classroom Mode installed
  • Getting Classroom Mode connected Next, connect Classroom Mode
  • Installing Code Connection Get ready for coding...
  • Setting up Code Builder Nearly there :)
  • Learn to play - The Basics Pt1 Let's get started
  • Learn to play - Pt2 Get crafting!
  • Learn to play - Flying Find out how to get around!
  • Learn to play - Game Settings A bit of tweaking...
  • Learn to play - Import and export Worlds Worlds are what it's all about
  • Logging In to get going Get in and ready!
  • Learn to play - The Camera Snap!
  • Learn to play - The Chalkboard Leave messages for your students...
  • Learn to play - The Quill & Book Quills? Books? What's it all about?
  • Learn to play - Border blocks How to allow or disallow building in certain areas...
  • Learn to play - Use Slash Commands Use command line to do more...
  • Learn to play - program characters Learn how to use NPCs
  • Advanced blocks Using Structure Blocks - these are cool!
  • Course Completion Details Nearly done! Hope you enjoyed the course :)

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