Microsoft SharePoint. Get your head around how collaboration and document management works in Sharepoint. #cloud #collaborate

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By Sonny Sharma

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What will I learn?

SharePoint has served schools for a long time and underpins collaboration in many schools. With many powerful features, unfortunately too many schools only use the document management features, paying little attention to the great design and integration tools it offers. Time to change that with this great set of videos from the Collaboration Coach.

This is a CURATED Learning Trunk built for you from content sourced online.

What are you going to learn about?

In this FREE Learning Trunk, you’ll work with the Collaboration Coach to create document libraries, lists and add apps to SharePoint.

Who is hosting this Learning Trunk?

This is a CURATED Learning Trunk built for you from content sourced online. We have selected these particular authors after reviewing several available online.

How long do I need?

Less than 25 minutes.

Anything else I need to know?

We have set this Learning Trunk so that you progress through each video in any order.

This Learning Trunk covers...

  • FREE!
  • Creating a Site
  • Creating a Document Library
  • Creating a New View
  • Create a Page
  • Add an App
  • Adding Permissions
  • Delete a Document Library
  • Restore a Document

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