Google Drive. Google's cloud storage is amongst the most versatile for schools. Master sharing and collaboration. #collaboration #cloud

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The session was engaging, interactive and helpful.
K. Ford, Teacher
Finally! How to move photos from the iPads without cables. :)
S. Cunningham, Deputy Head

By Sonny Sharma

Sonny (Sanjesh) is Founder of Spongy Elephant and qualified as a teacher in 1995. He is passionate about education and all things tech and is a Subject Expert in Computing for OfQual, a Google Education Trainer, a Microsoft in Education Global Training Partner, a STEM Ambassador and VR evangelist. Since he set up New Ways to Learn in 2011 his team have trained over 20000 teachers. You're in good hands.

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10 mins

What will I learn?

Master sharing and collaboration, ensuring you have full control of your files at all times

Understand the power of Google Drive and cloud storage on the iPad or other tablets

Discover how search works in Google Drive and how to convert images to text

Explore working with PDFs and Word documents and retaining as much as formatting as possible

Google Drive is the king of the clouds when it comes to quick and easy access to files and folders from any device and any location. If you use Gmail and not Google Drive, you’ve got to take the leap! With easy file sharing and unlimited storage space for schools, Drive is a superb way for schools to start working towards a server-free future in the clouds. A quick note – Google Drive is YOUR personal space. Google has introduced Teams to manage shared and collaborative spaces. For collaboration and file sharing with students use Google Classroom, not Drive, as Classroom makes the whole experience better and safer.

This Learning Trunk covers...

  • FREE!
    Introduction Get the low down on where things are and how to use it all
  • Sharing & Uploading Sharing sits a the heart of collaboration in G Suite - get a grip!
  • The Really Cool Stuff Now for the awesome stuff that nobody ever shows you...

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