Tips on a GDPR compliant School Workforce Census. A few things to think about to help you stay GDPR compliant when completing the School Workforce Census on the 8 November.

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By David Paice

David is an education specialist, who has embraced digital transformation as a way of amplifying great teaching and learning practice and securing brighter futures for children and young people. He is a proud teacher by profession, and has been a Director of Education in Local Authorities as well as being a CEO of a multinational software company. David loves working on new, innovative and often disruptive projects that challenge the status quo and create a perpetual learner connection that unleashes awesome experiences for children and young people. He helps organisations see what learners and teachers need and deliver it, all at lower cost, with faster development times, and with greater impact on learner outcomes than anything that came before. You're in good hands!

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15 mins

What will I learn?

How to get ready for the School Workforce Census while avoiding GDPR compliance pitfalls.

The importance of reviewing your high-level data maps and data processing arrangements.

The lawful basis for processing staff workforce census data.

Why you should check your Privacy Policy

This Learning Trunk covers...

  • FREE!
    An overview of GDPR and the School Workforce Census
  • GDPR compliant updated Privacy Policy / Privacy Notice
  • GDPR compliant consent language, where necessary
  • Lawful basis for processing
  • How long do you keep personal data for?
  • Data Security
  • Sharing personal data with the DfE
  • GDPR - School Workforce Census - Get Ahead

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