Reduce Your Workload. GOAL #1 Workload is the main reason people leave any profession! Tech can help - find out how with these FREE workouts!

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By Sonny Sharma

Sonny (Sanjesh) is Founder of Spongy Elephant and qualified as a teacher in 1995. He is passionate about education and all things tech and is a Subject Expert in Computing for OfQual, a Google Education Trainer, a Microsoft in Education Global Training Partner, a STEM Ambassador and VR evangelist. Since he set up New Ways to Learn in 2011 his team have trained over 20000 teachers. You're in good hands.

15 mins

What will I learn?

Reduce marking by creating self-marking quizzes and assignments

Improve how you tackle work email day to day

Automate data entry using powerful new tech features like voice

Create resources quicker than ever before

This Learning Trunk covers...

  • FREE!
    Introduction to my Digital Workouts So, what's this all about hey? Well - find out now!
  • Get to awesome online resources in 1 click! You're too busy to find great online resources! So, we've done it for you :)
  • Copying and pasting images just takes too long! Check out this image masterclass for Microsoft PowerPoint and Word...
  • Start a video conference in just a few minutes! Physical face to face meetings are so retro! Try meeting online...
  • You need to use the 'Windows' key more! So what can the key sat between 'Ctrl' and 'Alt' do?
  • Got Chrome? Get extensions! We all use Google Chrome. Hardly anyone uses extensions! Madness!!
  • No longer start with blank slides in PowerPoint! This will change your life. Did I say this will change your life? Actually change it!
  • Use Chrome? Save time with these shortcuts! Speed up how you browse! Then use the time you save and go dancing! :)
  • Computer too slow! Speed it all up in 30 seconds! You want to click the mouse and go, not wait! As you wish...
  • Typing taking too long? Time to talk... :) We all need to stop typing and start talking again. Talk to your computer...
  • You've got Microsoft Edge - it's awesome! Internet Explorer is DEAD! Get over it! Go on, say goodbye...
  • Create self-marking quizzes for homework! You don't really want to mark lots of homework now do you? Didn't think so...

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