Microsoft 365 – Word. With the latest updates as part Microsoft Office 365, Word is now better than ever!#create #design

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Welcome to one of our own Learning Trunks, brought to you by Spongy Elephant himself! We built this one to get you ahead with Microsoft 365 – Word. Enjoy!

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What a fantastic learning platform! I feel I have learnt so much already.
J Davies
Some great tips and lots of things i didn't know.
C Morgan

By Sonny Sharma

Sonny (Sanjesh) is Founder of Spongy Elephant and qualified as a teacher in 1995. He is passionate about education and all things tech and is a Subject Expert in Computing for OfQual, a Google Education Trainer, a Microsoft in Education Global Training Partner, a STEM Ambassador and VR evangelist. Since he set up New Ways to Learn in 2011 his team have trained over 20000 teachers. You're in good hands.

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What will I learn?

This training course in Microsoft Word will propel your Word skills forward to a confident level.

This course looks at Microsoft Word 2019, the latest version of this powerful word processing software.

You'll look at formatting your document, working with styles and images and much more!

Over several lessons, you’ll become confident in a range of Word’s more beneficial features.

This Learning Trunk covers...

  • Welcome to this course Meet your trainer!
  • FREE!
    A quick look around a very familiar interface in Word You've been here before so lets just refresh on where things are!
  • The one about how to use Styles in Word Come one - add some style to your documents!
  • The one about how to use images, icons and 3D in Word Please stop copying and pasting stuff - no need!
  • The one about how to reference and research in Word It is important to avoid distractions and be true to your sources!
  • The one about watching videos in Word Bring you boring documents to life with video! A must do!
  • The one about more styling and using the Immersive Reader in Word Some essential tips to support reading and literacy!
  • Looking for more basic content for Word? Want to get down to the basics of using Word again? Sure...
  • Looking for more advanced content for Word Want to get really really good at Word? Here are some ways!
  • Course Completion Details Nearly done! Hope you enjoyed the course :)

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