GDPR in Education. Understanding GDPR is a #wholeschool requirement. This workshop is the UK's most popular!

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Easy to understand and very clear for staff who potentially don’t understand the full implications of GDPR...
A Ruff, Headteacher, Congerstone School
I have learned a lot through this course...
S Rehman, Teacher, Ayesha School
This is very clear as to what GDPR means for a school. Brilliant!
West Horndon School

By David Paice

David is an education specialist, who has embraced digital transformation as a way of amplifying great teaching and learning practice and securing brighter futures for children and young people. He is a proud teacher by profession, and has been a Director of Education in Local Authorities as well as being a CEO of a multinational software company. David loves working on new, innovative and often disruptive projects that challenge the status quo and create a perpetual learner connection that unleashes awesome experiences for children and young people. He helps organisations see what learners and teachers need and deliver it, all at lower cost, with faster development times, and with greater impact on learner outcomes than anything that came before. You're in good hands!

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35 mins
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What will I learn?

Your main responsibilities and how you can start making the required changes towards GDPR compliance

You'll learn about the 6 lawful bases for processing data and which apply to schools and colleges

You'll learn about the role of your appointed Data Protection Officer, or DPO

You'll get tips and tricks on how to make yourself less vulnerable to Data Breaches

The EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) added extra responsibilities to the Data Protection Act 1998 on the 25th of May, 2018. All schools that handle personal data must ensure that they are aware of the new rules and must examine the processes they currently have in place to ensure they continue to comply with the law.

Our resources have been developed in partnership with leading experts at Freeths, Data Protection Education and GDPR in Schools. We are grateful to them for their support in pulling these great resources together.

We’re sure you’d be pretty devastated at the thought of being considered “murky”. Your school’s a pillar of your local community after all. So embrace the transparency requirements of GDPR and let children, young people and their parents and carers, as well as staff and governors and appropriate stakeholders, know that reasonable checks and balances are in place to protect their data.

This Learning Trunk covers...

  • FREE!
    An Introduction So, what is all the fuss about? Why is GDPR so important?
  • Setting the Scene **New** David explains why it is important to be transparent about data
  • Personal Data in Schools What kinds of data do schools process? What is Special Category data?
  • The 6 Lawful Bases **New** When it comes to data, there are 6 lawful bases for processing data
  • Other Ways to Process Data **New** A little more detail around data processing in schools
  • The Privacy Notice A clear and concise Privacy Notice is important - what's it all about?
  • The Law on Consent As one of the 6 lawful bases, consent may come up, from time to time
  • Consent - An Example A short overview of how a permission form might change under the GDPR
  • Individual Rights - Part I We look at Subject Access when it comes to the rights of individuals
  • Individual Rights - Part II What is the Right to be Forgotten under the GDPR?
  • Meet the DPO The Data Protection Officer will be your "data rockstar" - what will they do?
  • Data Breaches A hot topic right now with Facebook and even TSB - what is a breach?
  • Pulling It All Together & finally... what are our top tips for feeling better about data in schools?

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