ActivInspire Advanced Tools. Get better with an advanced selection of tool and features from Promethean. #collaborate #interact

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Award-winning ActivInspire software helps teachers bring lessons to life with rich, powerful activities that grab students’ attention, blending real-time assessment and real-world experience into the learning process.
I love this tool! I have been using it for a couple of years now.
Common Sense Education

By Sonny Sharma

Sonny (Sanjesh) is Founder of Spongy Elephant and qualified as a teacher in 1995. He is passionate about education and all things tech and is a Subject Expert in Computing for OfQual, a Google Education Trainer, a Microsoft in Education Global Training Partner, a STEM Ambassador and VR evangelist. Since he set up New Ways to Learn in 2011 his team have trained over 20000 teachers. You're in good hands.

30 mins

What will I learn?

Be able to work with shared resources

Master how to use browsers for web access in ActivInspire

Understand how to use layering and grids to create flipcharts

Get to grips with the amazing magic ink

Learn how to use advanced mathematics tools

Add sound effects and effects like page turns

Promethean’s award-winning educational software ActivInspire, is the foundation for any learning experience,it provides a vast suit of tools to create and deliver dynamic lessons, in these videos participants will learn advanced skills and how to increase interactivity.

This Learning Trunk covers...

  • FREE!
    Browsers Learn how to use different browsers
  • Grids Learn how to use grids
  • Shared resources Work with shared resources
  • Layering Learn how to use Layers
  • Magic Ink Learn how to use Magic ink!
  • Container Learn how to create a container
  • Publishing a flipchart Learn how to publish a flipchart
  • Import a PDF Learn to import a PDF and save as a PDF
  • Profiles Learn how to set profiles
  • Equation Editor Learn how to use the equation editor
  • Page turn effects Learn how to use page turn effects
  • Adding Sounds Learn how to add sounds
  • Your Assignment Now take the assignment!

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