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We have different options available so that you can be sure you get the discounted school package that is most suited to your needs – whether you want our award-winning Control Panel or not, and all our popular content or just a single Learning Trunk. We’ve got 6 simple steps for you to work through to access huge savings, and it’ll take you less than 5 minutes to get setup and start training.

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Step 1 - Choose your school

Because everything on Spongy Elephant is priced according to the size of your school (based on pupil numbers), enter your postcode below to get started.

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Step 2 - Do you want the Control Panel?

We’ve selected our Control Panel for you by default so you can prove whether or not staff have completed and understood the training. The Control Panel supercharges how you can cascade, monitor and organise training in your school. It saves you valuable time rushing around after colleagues and ensures you can instantly show compliance to inspectors and governors.

Control Panel

Manage your users and cascade training with deadlines. Monitor and track progress. Outstanding.

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Step 3 - Choose the right content package for ALL your staff

We’ve selected the Best Value package for you. Here you get ALL our award-winning Spongy Elephant content for all your users 365/24/7. As we add new content, you’ll get it automatically for all your staff, always up-to-date and able to take care of your school’s CPD needs moving forward.

The prices you see are for ALL your staff for the whole year. Amazing!

"Best value" includes all Spongy Elephant created content, which is pretty much all of it. For example…

Best value

£2000 per year

Health and Safety

Health and Safety

  • • The statutory requirements and legislation relating to health and safety.
  • • The roles and responsibilities for the school, staff and governing body.
  • • Risks and hazards and how to manage them.
  • Unconscious Bias

    Unconscious Bias

  • • What unconscious bias is.
  • • How unconscious bias can affect us at work.
  • • What you can do to mitigate against unconscious bias.
  • Diversity and Equality

    Diversity and Equality

  • • You'll learn about unlawful discrimination.
  • • You'll learn about the Equality Act 2010.
  • • You'll learn about "protected characteristics" and about the Public Sector Equality Duty (PSED).
  • ActivInspire Advanced Tools

    ActivInspire Advanced Tools

  • • Be able to work with shared resources
  • • Master how to use browsers for web access in ActivInspire
  • • Understand how to use layering and grids to create flipcharts
  • ActivInspire Core Tools

    ActivInspire Core Tools

  • • Be able to navigate around ActivInspire and customise the experience
  • • Master how to use the shape tools, working with text and reveal tools
  • • Understand how to lock objects and use widgets like the clock and timer
  • Keeping Children Safe in Education

    Keeping Children Safe in Education

  • • Recognise abuse and exploitation faced by children
  • • Understand safeguarding is "everyone's business"
  • • Master what safeguarding means in practice
  • Mental Health & Wellbeing

    Mental Health & Wellbeing

    GDPR in Education

    GDPR in Education

  • • Your main responsibilities and how you can start making the required changes towards GDPR compliance
  • • You'll learn about the 6 lawful bases for processing data and which apply to schools and colleges
  • • You'll learn about the role of your appointed Data Protection Officer, or DPO
  • Microsoft Office Online

    Microsoft Office Online

  • • How to build distraction-free "video walls" from YouTube videos in PowerPoint
  • • Understand how in just a few clicks you can better support children with EAL and dyslexia
  • • Engage with Add-ons to supercharge the whole experience and even support visual literacy
  • Microsoft Office 365 Core

    Microsoft Office 365 Core

  • • Learn how to make email work for you with the new look Outlook from Microsoft
  • • Master how to use OneDrive, especially when it comes to moving photos and videos from iPads!
  • • Get started with Microsoft Teams and understand how Teams differs from OneDrive and SharePoint
  • Google Drive

    Google Drive

  • • Master sharing and collaboration, ensuring you have full control of your files at all times
  • • Understand the power of Google Drive and cloud storage on the iPad or other tablets
  • • Discover how search works in Google Drive and how to convert images to text
  • Code With mBot

    Code With mBot

  • • You'll learn how mBot is an all-in-one solution to enjoy the hands-on experience of programming, electronics, and robotics
  • • You'll discover how to work with mBlock inspired by Scratch 2.0, connecting with computers or smart devices
  • • You'll explore this easy-to-assemble mBot that provides infinite possibilities for you to learn STEM
  • G Suite – Google Classroom

    G Suite – Google Classroom

  • • Master how to use announcements, questions and assignments
  • • Set classrooms up correctly from the start with our essential tips and tricks
  • • Discover the power of Google Classroom for marking online and setting homework
  • mBot – Presets & Apps

    mBot – Presets & Apps

    G Suite – Forms

    G Suite – Forms

    G Suite – Slides

    G Suite – Slides

    G Suite – Docs

    G Suite – Docs

    Microsoft Sway

    Microsoft Sway

  • • You'll learn how Sway is the future of presenting and easy to develop
  • • You'll discover how to to share a Sway and manage user permissions
  • • You'll learn how to integrate YouTube videos and images
  • Virtual Reality & 360

    Virtual Reality & 360

    SMART Notebook

    SMART Notebook

  • • How to tailor the user interface to suit your teaching needs
  • • How to build class activities in minutes, not hours
  • • How to connect with students on their devices
  • If you’d rather create your own package, scroll down and select content from our growing range of Box Sets or mini content packages, below or even build your own!

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    GDPR & Data Protection

    The Microsoft Box Set

    Coding (Free)

    The Essentials (Compliance) Boxset

    G Suite Essentials