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We have different options available so that you can be sure you get the discounted school package that is most suited to your needs – whether you want our award-winning Control Panel or not, and all our popular content or just a single Learning Trunk. We’ve got 6 simple steps for you to work through to access huge savings, and it’ll take you less than 5 minutes to get setup and start training.

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Step 1 - Choose your school

Because everything on Spongy Elephant is priced according to the size of your school (based on pupil numbers), enter your postcode below to get started.

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Step 2 - Do you want the Control Panel?

We’ve selected our Control Panel for you by default so you can prove whether or not staff have completed and understood the training. The Control Panel supercharges how you can cascade, monitor and organise training in your school. It saves you valuable time rushing around after colleagues and ensures you can instantly show compliance to inspectors and governors.

Control Panel

Manage your users and cascade training with deadlines. Monitor and track progress. Outstanding.

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Step 3 - Choose the right content package for ALL your staff

We’ve selected the Best Value package for you. Here you get ALL our award-winning Spongy Elephant content for all your users 365/24/7. As we add new content, you’ll get it automatically for all your staff, always up-to-date and able to take care of your school’s CPD needs moving forward.

The prices you see are for ALL your staff for the whole year. Amazing!

"Best value" includes all Spongy Elephant created content, which is pretty much all of it. For example…

Best value

£2000 per year

Microsoft Teams Core Training

Microsoft Teams Core Training

  • • You'll understand the Microsoft Teams interface and how to use powerful features like commands
  • • You'll learn how to create the perfect Team from the start and add members in a variety of ways
  • • You'll discover how conferencing works in Teams with Teams virtual meetings
  • Alcohol Awareness

    Alcohol Awareness

  • • Recognise how many units of alcohol are in common alcoholic drinks
  • • Explain the physical, mental and social implications of drinking alcohol
  • • Explain the legal implications of excessive alcohol consumptions
  • Getting Help and Support

    Getting Help and Support

  • • Learn about the 3 ways to get support from our Service Desk Team
  • • Get tips on how to gather information ahead of a support incident
  • Welcome to Joskos!

    Welcome to Joskos!

  • • Find out about how we support our family of schools
  • • Meet some of the team and know who to reach out to
  • • Discover how we engage with schools - we want to do more!
  • Epos Now – Getting Started

    Epos Now – Getting Started

  • • Discover the power of the Dashboard for deep analytics
  • • Explore back office functions from any device, anywhere
  • • Understand how to maximise security on the hardware
  • Support & Help

    Support & Help

  • • Ensure you can use the Primary Tec helpdesk with ease
  • • Master the key settings for devices and applications
  • Using Google Docs

    Using Google Docs

  • • Understand how to manage the page settings and work with the formatting tools
  • • Discover how to work with tables and bullets
  • • Get essential tips on how to get the most out of Google Docs
  • Prowise Screens

    Prowise Screens

  • • Tips & Tricks on getting the most from the Prowise technology
  • • How to work with screenshots in Prowise
  • Microsoft LIVE Events

    Microsoft LIVE Events

  • • Always stay up-to-date with the best new features and how they can transform your day to day practice!
  • • Get your questions answered by sending them into our residents expert and then jumping onto a scheduled live event!
  • • Webinars are boring! These are live streamed events that are fun and engaging and to the point!
  • Microsoft Office 365

    Microsoft Office 365

  • • Personalise your O365 experience with themes and a wash of colour - brighten up your day!
  • • Learn how to make email work for you with the new look Outlook from Microsoft
  • • Start using encryption to protect and secure emails better in Outlook
  • Microsoft OneDrive

    Microsoft OneDrive

  • • You'll learn the basics around cloud storage in OneDrive and get to grips with file and folder management
  • • You'll master sharing and permissions to ensure you can share your files securely and with confidence
  • • You'll work through typical scenarios around moving files from cameras and your personal device
  • Microsoft Windows 10

    Microsoft Windows 10

  • • Learn how to make email work for you with the new look Outlook from Microsoft
  • • Master how to use OneDrive, especially when it comes to moving photos and videos from iPads!
  • • Get started with Microsoft Teams and understand how Teams differs from OneDrive and SharePoint
  • Microsoft O365

    Microsoft O365

  • • Learn how to make email work for you with the new look Outlook from Microsoft
  • • Master how to use OneDrive, especially when it comes to moving photos and videos from iPads!
  • • Get started with Microsoft Teams and understand how Teams differs from OneDrive and SharePoint
  • Computer Science (KS3)

    Computer Science (KS3)

  • • You'll learn how to best use the brilliant KS3 resources
  • • You'll build knowledge online as you learn
  • Makeblock Neuron Online

    Makeblock Neuron Online

  • • You'll discover how the app works for both Apple and Android devices
  • • You'll learn how to connect Neuron with the app over bluetooth
  • • You'll start to understand what each block can do in the app
  • Swivl


  • • What Swivl is
  • • How to set up Swivl
  • • How to download an use the Swivl app
  • Classroom Monitor

    Classroom Monitor

  • • You'll learn how to use the Markbook and recording assessment judgements
  • • Discover how automatic scoring works
  • • How to record evidence of pupil learning
  • PD with SWIVL

    PD with SWIVL

  • • How to get a complete understanding of the classroom
  • • Discover how to strengthen and inform teaching
  • • Master how to capture instructional content
  • If you’d rather create your own package, scroll down and select content from our growing range of Box Sets or mini content packages, below or even build your own!

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    GDPR & Data Protection

    The Microsoft Box Set

    Coding (Free)

    The Essentials (Compliance) Boxset

    G Suite Essentials