EDpuzzle is a favourite of ours. It is the simplicity that makes this one stand out from the rest. Using video in class, particularly when it is directly on sites like YouTube can be risky and also full of distractions. Also, how do you know how much of what a student is watching is going in? We can all sometime glaze over when watching videos! EDpuzzle fixes all that and is one for the Teacher Toolkit for sure.

What are you going to learn about?

In this FREE Learning Trunk, you’ll learn how EdPuzzle works and how to make the best use of it for lessons. You’ll learn how to trim videos sourced online and also how to create questions throughout the video.

Who is hosting this Learning Trunk?

This is a CURATED Learning Trunk built for you from content sourced online. We have selected these particular videos after reviewing several available online.

How long do I need?

Less than 10 minutes.

Anything else I need to know?

We have set this Learning Trunk so that you progress through each video in any order.

Virtual Reality & 360

Virtual Reality is here to stay. Fact. Last year I did a talk on the Bett Arena stage on how we can see VR developing over the next few years in education and the potential is really exciting. From the fantastic ClassVR, a classroom-ready solution, to strapping cardboard kits from Google to your head, the stimulus and new experiences VR can bring to lessons is unprecedented.

In this Learning Trunk I’ll be introducing you to some quick wins with VR. Headsets are the way to go, for sure, however, if you don’t have the budget for dedicated headsets and you are looking for ways to convince your school that they can be a sound investment – i’ll get you going. You’ll find out how to immerse yourself in content using your interactive screen/board and how to access thousands of educational VR and 360 content, in seconds.