Do you want to share what you are good at with schools and teachers in a truly engaging and innovative way? Tired of traditional training approaches? Do you want in?

Why should you be a trainer with Spongy Elephant?

Well, like us, you’ve spent years go into schools and work with heads and teachers to get them to think differently about your area of expertise, whether that is Edtech, literacy, SEN or STEM. You get brilliant reviews, get well fed and everyone is really positive it’ll all have an immediate impact. Didn’t you do well!

The reality is, you leave, the day job for schools kicks in and unless they are building on the new skills and knowledge quickly, much of it will be lost within a week or so. Without the ability to dip back in for a refresher in a structured way, research based on Ebbinghaus’s Forgetting Curve shows that this can be as much as 80%. Doesn’t feel so positive now, does it?

This is where Spongy Elephant comes in.

So, what we can do to make you feel better about it all?

We give you a voice in our awesome platform, 24-7. We’ll work with you to create engaging content, which you can distribute for free with an unlock code, monetise in our Marketplace or even better, include in our “all you can eat subscription” for schools. See, already much better than YouTube and gives you far more control than a blog. If you already have content online, this’ll be even easier. We’ll also position you as an expert so that you can coach others through our webinar platform, again this is monetised.

So, "I get all that" , I can hear you say, "but surely I'm not going to earn the same money I can compared to when I go out training"?

Our platform has a worldwide audience. Vloggers now sell out stadiums and have fan bases pop stars would kill for. We’ll work with you to become one of the biggest online trainers on the planet with an income to go with your status. Thousands of viewers of your learning trunks and your webinars can be a pretty lucrative career option. Bite-size training not boring training!

I've not made too many videos before, I'm going to need some help...

We get that! You might be a rockstar when it comes training face to face, but not everyone has taken the leap into multimedia and micro-learning content. If you can convince us that you have an audience for your knowledge, skills and areas of expertise, we’ll help you to #getgoing.

Media & Animation Workshops

We run regular workshops for trainers at no cost to you to supercharge how you can train and coach online with our platform

Cloud Storage & Team Spaces

We give you a piece of our cloud space to upload and manage videos, audio files, scripts and documents safely and securely

Marketing, SEO & Promotion

You’re on our platform, so we’ll be your digital PR agency to the world ensuring your landing pages and Learning Trunks convert

The Right Tools, Software & Hardware

Whether it is green screen, animation tools, gimbals, lighting or microphones, we can package up a starter kit to get you creating

We are growing quickly and looking for experts and seasoned trainers to join us on this journey.

We built Spongy Elephant to give you reach, on a global scale. We designed Spongy Elephant to give you the ability to make training continuous and always up to date. We crafted Spongy Elephant to give you work life balance, why travel for 5 hours in a day to train for just 3 hours. It makes no sense.

We give you, Spongy Elephant. Join us and join the revolution. Oh yeah!

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