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Engage them with bite-size training on Spongy Elephant.

So why would you want the team at Spongy Elephant to design and build your training content?

There are lots of reason why, but the main one is that our focus is always on positive impact. How might it reduce workload? How will these new skills improve engagement? How will the evidence of impact be measured? What are the instant takeaways, quick wins and long-term gains? We are film-makers, animators, trainers, instructional designers and story tellers. Sonny, Founder at Spongy Elephant even once starred in a film with an 8.2 rating on IMDB. We’ll leave you to find it 🙂 We’ve mastered the art of compressing learning to make it more accessible, yet able to retain all the goodness and really useful bits.

Who wants to build content on Spongy Elephant?

Well, if your feel you are no longer accountable after the sales guys have been in and worked their magic, then Spongy Elephant isn’t for you. Stick with poorly produced training videos dumped somewhere online with dreadful sound, likely delivered by the same sales guys. We’ve got nothing against sales guys, but we’ve been into too many schools with lots of the wow and none of the how. Feel free to jump onto to build your training content.

However, if you want your customers to become your biggest ambassadors, and that you want to make a genuine difference to the lives of young people and affect educational outcomes in a truly positive way, then stick around. We love you guys!

What can we offer an organisation that wants to make their products work in education?

We’ll take your product or service and put it through a process like ADDIE breaking the instructional design into the following areas:

  • Analysis – We’ll answer key questions with you like “what is the point of the training?” “What are customers biggest pain points?” “Which bits of your products and services that are feature-rich are often ignored by customers?” “What are the gains?”
  • Design – We’ll show you what your training looks like in our awesome GUI and design a fun and engaging storyboard.
  • Development – We’ll get the look and feel right with co-branding, audio selection and deciding on whether we are using green screen or animation or both. Spongy Elephant already provides an award-winning platform with easy navigation, a simple gamification engine and the ability to track progress and attainment.
  • Implementation – We’ll publish your Learning Trunks to a global community, creating the meta descriptions for perfect SEO and even images for Twitter and Facebook cards. You’ll have Unlock Codes to deliver the Learning Trunks to your users, with all the monetisation (where required) managed by our automated payment systems.
  • Evaluation – We’ll share how your customers are getting on as they record their reflections and evidence of impact. We’ll identify your champions and turn them into your biggest fans.

It should be clear by now that at Spongy Elephant we take training and CPD very seriously, after all there is a grown man dressed in a fancy suit wearing an elephant head, dancing on our home page. Like you, we are passionate about changing lives and bringing smiles and fist pumps to everyone who uses your brilliant products and services.

Training isn’t just about a collection of dated and poorly produced videos on YouTube or dangling somewhere off the support and downloads page on your website. Outstanding training is much more than that. Your products and services deserve much more than that.

So, what are you waiting for?

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